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About Goals

We all know what goals are but how do we set them and how do we know if they are the right ones?

Well firstly every goal needs to be inspiring, moving and touching (IMTing) or why would you do it? Sometimes the result of your goal can have that feeling eg: filling in your tax return is boring and mundane; however you will feel happy once it is complete!

This also means your goals need to be in line with your values. Do you know what your values are?

Values change throughout your life – from the basic love, food and warmth of early childhood; to the peer group acceptance of teens, to the studying and learning of youth; to romance and relationships, to work, to spiritual growth, to finances, to travel, to sport, to commitment, to family, to health, to contribution and the intensity and order of values is as different as there are people. Look here to determine your current values: https://drdemartini.com/values

Secondly the goal needs to be slightly out of your comfort zone – 20% is a good marker. This challenges you to move forwards in a healthy way. Not operating out of the comfort zone at all means no growth and in fact unwanted stuff will come up to bug you – we are not static beings (we’d be extinct if we were). Too much, say 80%, out of comfort zone, means you will face an 80% challenge and unless you’re a high powered athlete you could face total overwhelm and chaos – and give up before you start!

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely

A Consciousness Coaching Cycle Objective or Cycle Goal is something you want to achieve over a number of coaching sessions, and needs to be SMART. Each coaching session moves you towards that larger goal(s) and each session goal(s) also needs to be measurable so you know when you have achieved it. Each time we assess the % achieved of the Cycle Goal.
A Cycle Objective can be any number of sessions. (1 to 12 or more) Time is spent clarifying the above in the free ‘chemistry’ session and sometimes the first coaching session.

Try Consciousness Coaching and see how we structure this process by setting commitments which propel you towards your goals.

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