Group Coaching Series for Self Development - KW Coaching
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Group Coaching Series for Self Development

coaching group

Group Coaching Series for Self Development

Group coaching is cost effective and fun and each group creates its own dynamic supportive energy.

Each group sets their own rules of engagement such as confidentiality, ‘showing up’, allowing the space for others to speak, and full participation. We create a “Tahiti”environment which is conducive to growth.

Basic Themes:

The following themes are introduced in 6 coaching sessions. The order may change according to the group dynamic.
  • You will be introduced to the Consciousness Coaching© methodology. Become familiar with the checking in process, feedback and sharing, establish commitments and experience the powerful coaching process. You will set goals for the 6 week cycle, using the life balance wheel as a tool. What do you want in your life, but don’t have?
  • Locate core energy to create passion for your creations.
  • Look at your personal values, beliefs and strengths. How do you stand in your own way?
  • You will realise the Power of your word and the science behind Integrity, and as a consequence, accountability will become part of your being.
  • Receive simple tools to use when feeling stuck and dig deeper into the Comfort Zone.
  • Learn how to get out of Victimhood in seconds and thus gain personal power. What’s draining you?
  • Is-ness is the Business – learn how to let go of the “stories that do not serve you”. Is your story running your life?
  • Consciousness inventory: what’s cluttering up your mind? Completion exercise.


Each coaching group is limited to 5 coachees, and takes a maximum of 2 hours. See here for some benefits of group coaching:

10. Group Coaching: Benefits and Key Characteristics

In my experience in a coaching group, the synchronicity that runs between the participants makes the coaching questions relevant to all.


At 41 Hofmeyer St, Welgemoed

Starts Tuesday 29 May at 9h30- 11h30 am

Cost R2100 for all 6 sessions (Or R395 if sessions paid for separately)

What next? What’s the difference that would make the difference?

For more information, contact Karon here


  • MS Anneri Victor
    Posted at 22:00h, 17 July Reply

    As a past participant of Karon’s Group Coaching, I can highly recommend this to anyone who needs guidance in achieving their goals. The accountability the group setting creates is really positive and having the support of the group was really very valuable to me. You will learn to use tools that you can apply to any part of your life and will be able to apply these lessons well into your future.

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