Walking to Vision Retreat in Tulbagh - KW Coaching
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Walking to Vision Retreat in Tulbagh

Walking to Vision Retreat in Tulbagh

Winter Retreat – Walk, Talk, Meditate, Dream, Create – AND KEEP WARM!

This is a winter weekend to unwind and reflect. How is 2018 working out for you? Is it time to take stock, see where you’re at, and where you want to go?

The weekend’s activities are designed to de-stress and to find balance between setting the intentions and committing to actions. The workshops and walking work on powerful creative and energetic levels.

We will also engage in some visualisation and breathing techniques and some optional creative activities.

Walk and Talk:

Before we create our Vision Boards we will be walking and connecting with Nature. This is the time to de-clutter and create space in your mind. Each will experience their own process although guidelines will be given in terms of when to talk and when to be quiet and mindful. By slowing down, breathing clean air and experiencing the most beautiful, natural and inspiring landscape we will re-charge, re-boot and gain clarity. This process allows the highest quality thinking to emerge. Walks vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours – and there is a labyrinth!

Vision Board Workshop:

On Saturday we will be spending the day de-stressing, leaving our busy lives behind us and unlocking our innermost dreams, without thinking too hard about it. We will create our Vision Boards with no hurry or pressure…this is YOUR retreat!

A Vision Board is a fun creative way to manifest your dream life.
Once you get clarity through the guided mindful process, you find images and words in magazines, cut them out, and stick them on to a poster board.
Seeing this image each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract.
Done correctly and with intention, Vision Boards are more than just a bunch of pretty pictures and words.
Each and every image has a significant meaning to you, it creates a feeling of desire, want and hope,
and when you open your mind completely it allows you to imagine your life as if you’ve achieved it.
Join us and Create and Manifest your dreams!

What would you do differently this year if nothing was holding you back?

Walk and Talk Coaching will be offered during the course of the weekend, should anyone need support. We may surface the roots of  frustrations and blocks, and re-frame your entire outlook so that you return home clearer, re-focused and upbeat about the direction you want to go.

Flower Essence Workshop:

Flower essence practitioner Nicole will run a workshop which will highlight the energetic qualities of flowers. Flower essences are to support us on our emotional journeys and this is a beautiful intuitive process. 

The Retreat will also create a balanced process of setting intention and formulating initial actions – using the subtle feminine energy of the flowers at New Moon and the masculine energy of Doing supported by coaching.

In a years’ time, what could you look back on and say “I’m so glad I did this?”

The Venue:

See the website http://www.thebluebutterfly.co.za/ to view the surroundings and activities.

Weekend Details:

13 – 15 July 2018 at The Blue Butterfly, Tulbagh.

Arrive any time after 3pm on Friday 13th July and leave early afternoon on Sunday 15th.

First come first served with choice of accommodation. 2 share a garden room or cabin, 4 share a loft room.

Bring and Share meals – Braai on Saturday night

Alcohol is not available however you can bring your own should you desire.

Bring your Winter woollies and walking shoes and snacks or biscuits.

Bring scissors and glue for sticking images to cardboard.


R860 p.p. sharing for accommodation. Partners, well behaved dogs welcome!


Please phone or Whatsapp Karon 083 4577394

Email info@kwcoaching.co.za

for more information and bank details.

What Value do you place on your Personal Growth?


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