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Ways to Shift Mindset from Scarcity to Abundance

Ways to Shift Mindset from Scarcity to Abundance

5 ways to shift mindset from lack to abundance

I have recently undergone a massive shift in my life – the ship is sailing, the wind is strong, and I am at the helm. Here is my story:

Financially, the last few months have been difficult, to say the least. Lacking. Yes, that word which insinuates scarcity and the feeling of undeserving. Not enough. That compressed space where growth seems impossible and depression lurks around the corner. I had to get out of that downward spiral and shift mindset. Quickly.

Liz Gilbert says in “Big Magic” that the ideas are in the ether, waiting for the exact time to land. Mine was getting closer. I could feel it. I just wasn’t sure HOW. I just knew I had to ‘show up’.

  1. I wrote the universe a letter. Every night. A letter of demand, what I need, what I deserve, ending with gratitude for what I HAD received during that day. And I was specific. And, it worked. (Thank you Melanie Britz www.melaniebritz.com) Challenging in the beginning – I had only previously uttered appreciation and thanks – or whined and complained in my journal scribbles – but never ever had I demanded! This aligns with my own training and coaching – The Creative Consciousness Ladder of Power © and I had not SEEN it.
  2. I created a vision board where the emphasis was bold, floral, RED, beauty and glitz! Yes, glitz! Now, when I look I see all of it manifesting. And the only words I pasted on where GOLD, NOT OLD. The Vision Retreat was wonderful – 4 of us walked, laughed, did a little yoga, cooked, shared, relaxed and some created vision boards. We formed a close bond and have our own secret jokes. I looked again at my life and values. To help others I need to help myself and my own family.
  3. I updated my CV. Anneri Victor https://evolveself.co.za (my friend and CV expert) took my CV and  highlighted the facts that would get me the position I needed, and disregarded the other stuff. That process focused me. Malcolm Gladwell says 10 000 of doing the same thing makes one an expert – what do I do, and have years of experience in, that I like? How could I combine it all? Mortgage Finance, Real Estate and Coaching! Keep reading.
  4. I feng shuied my office from crazy to organised. It was colourful and busy with my 24 year old’s pre- school art and a hundred photos stuck untidily everywhere, etc etc. Now my framed certificates and current vision boards are in full view, the art in the drawers, the photos on one wall only and the desk tidied.
  5. I wrote out my affirmation: 2 weeks after the retreat, the 4 of us got together and made our affirmations in blue and silver. “I am a magnet for divine prosperity”. And I am. I feel it. Thank you Marla Nortje for this process.

After a Keller Williams agent approached me at a local business breakfast (fascinated by my business name) I am now training towards my new position as Productivity Coach at Keller Williams. Their brand colour is red. I am helping others to help themselves and their families and that’s the whole point. The high energy and phenomenal training program confirms that I am placed in the perfect environment to continue my coaching as well as my mortgage finance and real estate career.


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