About - KW Coaching
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About me


I investigated Life Coaching a decade ago and Mark Steinberg’s Consciousness Coaching© appealed to me because of its practical and holistic framework. Much later, while walking the Camino De Santiago, I decided to change careers and follow my passion.

Soon after I found a phenomenal CC© coach and completed the Creative Consciousness Master trainings in JHB. I was awarded the ICF accredited Diploma in Consciousness Coaching© in 2016. I coach private individuals and small to medium sized corporates personally or on Skype. I also facilitate community coaching for students at an N.P.O. (Pinotage Youth Development Academy) which is close to my heart. I have also embarked on public speaking engagements and host Vision Board Workshops. We Walk Our Talk by being authentic, AND walking may be incorporated into coaching sessions – a natural progression with my love of the outdoors and mindfulness!

My biography

I, Karon Wiercx, live in Somerset West with my musician / IT specialist husband and we have 2 adult children who are independent and live in Cape Town. I initially wanted to be a teacher, then a psychologist – and I think coaching combines both beautifully. After a career in real estate and mortgage finance, continual searching for mind body balance led me to practice and study Yoga and, more recently, Tai Chi.

My Vision

My vision is for individuals to be able to dig deep, discover their gifts and purpose, to transform their struggles into success and live balanced and fulfilled lives. This has a knock-on effect which results in a compassionate, healthy person, connected community, and sustainable society.

Mission statement

My mission is to reach as many people as possible to facilitate this awareness process, even if it is in a small way, and therefore to create a new consciousness within themselves and for humanity.

See that story here www.karonscamino.wordpress.com