Packages - KW Coaching
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Packages for Individuals

Pricing & Packages for KW Coaching

  • FREE Chemistry Session (30min)

  • R0p/session
    • via Skype, or over coffee
    • This chemistry session makes sure we are compatible
    • Establishes areas you would like coaching on
    • Explains the Consciousness Coaching protocol
    • Answers questions about the process, timing, pricing, and preferred – package

  • Quickstart Package for Busy Entrepreneurs

  • R3600p/package
    • R700 R600 per session (Discounted rate)
    • Specific focus area & ideal for accountability partnership
    • 6 sessions 45 – 60 minutes each
    • 1 session per week via Skype or at agreed location
    • 2 weekly email or WhatsApp communications if desired

  • Premium Package with Walk & Talk

  • R3900p/package
    • R750 R650 per session (Discounted Rate)
    • Recommended for individuals dealing with stuckness and specific challenges
    • 6 or more sessions – 60 minutes indoors or 75 – 90 minutes for Walk and Talk
    • Weather dependent – indoor and outdoor sessions are held at Paardevlei
    • Aim to split at least 50/50 indoor and outdoor
    • Outdoor sessions ideally finish before 10am or start after 4pm in Summer
    • Sessions to be taken within 3 months

Pricing for Single Sessions


Chemistry Session
Consciousness Coaching Session
Walk and Talk Session


If you are already a paying client and refer a new client who books a minimum of 6 sessions, you will receive a free session.

Group Coaching & Workshops

Group coaching and facilitation workshops are available upon request and are tailor made to suit your requirements. KW Coaching may collaborate with experienced coaching colleagues to present the most effective solution for your team.

Vision Board Workshops

Vision Board workshops are very popular at the moment and can even be hosted in your own home!